Teaching experience

Supervision of master theses

So far, I have co-supervised 6 master theses at BOKU University Vienna:

Pia Minixhofer: Impact of extreme weather events on plant available nitrogen and amino acids using microdialysis (2015)

Markus Schartner: Impact of repeated dry-wet cycles on macro-aggregate stability and organic carbon stabilization of a beech forest soil (2015)

Jan Bockholt: Rainfall partitioning and solute fluxes in a pure beech stand and the effect of droughts and heavy rain events at plot scale (2014)

Paul Brugner: Influence of weather extremes on forest-soil nutrient cycling (2014)

Orracha Sae-Tun: Impact of litter-removal and seasonality on soil microbial community composition in a beech forest (2014)

Lukas Kranzinger: Impact of litter removal and seasonality on soil greenhouse gas fluxes and nutrient cycling in an Austrian beech forest (2014)

Teaching assistant

I was a tutor for the following courses:

Summer term 2010: “C-cycling in alpine ecosystems”, University of Vienna, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wanek

Winter term 2008: “Plant anatomy”, University of Vienna, former Department of Ecophysiology and Functional Anatomy of Plants, with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Draxler

Other teaching experience

I was in the organizing committee for one summer school and two student field trips:

September 2015: 2-week International Summer School of the DBG Working Group Soil Gases: “Soil-Borne Greenhouse Gases: From Field Data to Publication“

September 2012: 1-week Field Course Soil Ecology in the BOKU University Forest Rosalia, Austria, with 15 students, led by Dr. Michael Zimmermann, Dr. Katharina Keiblinger and Dr. Franz Zehetner (BOKU University Vienna, Institute of Soil Research)

August 2009: 1-month Field Trip to Central Siberia, Russia, with 30 students, led by Prof. Andreas Richter (University of Vienna, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science)